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Mortgage lending is a highly competitive field. Information on mortgage rates, which can change daily, is available in local newspapers, through mortgage brokers, from individual lenders and of course through conventional financial institutions. When you are shopping for a loan, interest rates tell just part of the story. You will also need to study the various fees lenders charge and many mortgages today are almost custom-tailored to individual needs with many options available.

I have found the following lender to be very reliable and easy to work with. Please feel free to contact their team prior to beginning any serious house hunting so you will know exactly what you can afford, or call me for more information.


Jessi Johnson - Mortgage Specialist

2306 Spruce St

Vancouver, BC V6H 0B5

604 628 5040

Nominated for Best Mortgage Broker in Canada every year










Chris Malkin PREC

Cell: 604 715 2605


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